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  • Sprache: Spanisch/Englisch

  • Verlag: Montagud Editores

  • Ausführung: Kartonierter Einband (Kt)

  • Seitenangabe: 256 S.

Action. Montagud Editores, a publishing house with more than 110 years of history devoted to publishing gastronomy-related works, has for the first time come up against the challenge of a book that is very different from the rest. Diego Guerrero for Montagud Editores. No filters. There are no holds barred as we investigate and recount the story of an indomitable figure. Indomitable, because he never gives up; he fights for his dreams and, having made them a reality, he has an insurmountable yearning for more. Because indomitable is someone who finds new paths when it seems that there is nothing left to achieve. Because there are no conceivable limits.

From an editorial standpoint, taking on a project of this sort implied many hours of work and months of like-mindedness – knowing that we were also enmeshed in that healthy dissatisfaction – until we managed to isolate the DNA of a Basque chef in Madrid who knew that reinventing himself meant stepping outside of his comfort zone. Diego Guerrero, alone. Unplugged.

Reaction: And suddenly the curtain fell, revealing its essence, its naturalness, that exposed brick, and materials as pure as a universal language. Transparency. The very thing that has allowed Diego Guerrero to be ahead of his time. He has unintentionally created a singular gastronomic concept in which every aspect (objective and subjective) adds up to form a unique whole. He has created a unique concept, and still has no idea how far it can be taken. Something never done before. This is what makes Diego Guerrero an extraordinary chef. He was capable of exploring his innermost self and turning what he discovered into reality. How long has this been going on? The book you have in your hands is the key to unlocking all the secrets that Diego Guerrero has never revealed.