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Casa Gerardo

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  • Autor: Marcos Moran
  • Sprache: Englisch & Spanisch (Multilingual Edition)
  • Ausführung: Hardcover
  • Seitenangabe: 240 S.
  • Masse: 24x32 cm

The book Casa Gerardo, 50 pasos de la cocina contemporánea (Casa Gerardo, 50 Steps of Contemporary Cooking) brings together in 50 culinary milestones the almost 135 years of history that these four walls have witnessed. These milestones, or steps, focus on an ingredient, a concept, a way of understanding cooking as well as dining. "I think this will be important, not only for Casa Gerardo, but also for Spanish cuisine, which is enjoying one of its brightest moments ever," said Pedro Morán.

Casa Gerardo Restuarant. Prendes. Asutrias. (Spain) 1 Michelin Star. Hipania Restaurant - London (UK).


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