Miramar Paco Perez
  • Miramar Paco Perez

Miramar Paco Perez

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  • Autor: Paco Pérez 
  • Sprache: Englisch & Spanisch (Multilingual Edition)
  • Seitenangabe: 320 S.
  • Ausführung: Tapa Dura / Hardcover
  • Masse: 24 x 27 cm

The most significant stories from these decades of work will be looked at in depth over the 320 pages of this book and the TECHNIQUES from which they stemmed will be examined.

The sources of inspiration from which Paco Pérez has drawn to create them will also be reproduced. In short, Miramar. Paco Pérez describes how Memory, Surroundings and the Avant-garde trigger an incredible cascade of creativity that makes flavours happen.

Miramar. Llançà. Girona (Spain) 2 Michelin star. - Enoteca. Barcelona (Spain)2 Michelin star. Five. Berlín (Germany) 1 Michelin star.


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