Caldos [Ricard Camarena] Broths

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  • Autor: Ricard Camaren
  • Sprachen: Englisch & Spanisch (Multilingual Edition)
  • Seitenangabe: 240 S.
  • Ausführung: Hardcover
  • Masse: 24x32 cm

This recipe for flavours, produce and good service has helped him achieve three Michelin stars (Arrop, Arrop Valencia and the Ricard Camarena Restaurant), reinforcing the three Repsol Soles held by his current restaurant.

"Flavour is the essence of my cooking. I seek to enhance the five senses with every dish so that each is a unique experience for the diner. Our heart is in our cooking and in every single dish we serve." The book CALDOS | BROTHS takes a look at one of the most-admired techniques used by this Valencian chef.


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