DESIRE E.A. Nr. 60/100
  • DESIRE E.A. Nr. 60/100

DESIRE E.A. Nr. 60/100

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  • Author: Sergio Herman, Mara Grimm
  • Fotografie: Tony Le Duc
Limited edition, 100 E.A. nos (édition d'artiste), signed by Sergio Herman.
'DESIRE' is a two-part work about the final year at Sergio Herman’s restaurant ‘Oud Sluis’***.
The first part contains photographs of the major dishes that Sergio Herman created during his final year at ‘Oud Sluis’. The final menu was also photographed. The dishes were shot in sequences and grouped into quadriptychs. This allows the reader to stroll through the dishes as it were and grasp how the dishes were constructed. The recipes are written in narrative form. 
The second part of DESIRE consists of a series of interviews with Sergio Herman, conducted by Mara Grimm during the final year at ‘Oud Sluis’. These interviews are presented in the form of a diary.
E.A. NR 60/100