Quique Dacosta Platinum Edition
  • Quique Dacosta Platinum Edition
  • Quique Dacosta Platinum Edition

Quique Dacosta Platinum Edition

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  • Autor: Quique Dacosta
  • Sprache: Französisch & Englisch (Multilingual Edition)
  • Seitenangaben: 323 S.
  • Dimension: 28.8 x 28.6 x 3 cm
  • Hardcover: Platinium
  • Verlag: Montagud

Another great professional book from Spain! QD 2000-2006 is a deluxe production comprised of both a book and a private website.

The access code for the website accompanies the book. The aim of this book is to paint a picture of Quique Dacosta's Universe, explain his evolution and the historic transcendence of his work by analyzing the 3 pillars on which it is founded (Knowledge, Culinary Ecosystems and Research) and the milestones he has reached. The reflections of the author, the technical developments and the narrative thread of the book reveal a critical, analytical vision of Quique Dacosta's cuisine from 2000 to 2006.

Illustrated with images of more than 90 dishes representative of this period. 90 recipes 7 introductory texts for each year 10 concepts (products, techniques or descriptions of ecosystems) High quality, full color photos throughout the book illustrate the finished dishes Features of the website: 7 videos of approximately 6 minutes each that demonstrate the preparation of the recipes 17 additional videos of varying lengths (1-3 minutes) about products/techniques/specifications/environments


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