Perfection in Imperfection
  • Perfection in Imperfection

Perfection in Imperfection

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  • Autor: Wong, Janice
  • Verlag: Gatehouse Publishing
  • Erscheinungsjahr: 2015
  • Ausführung: Fester Einband
  • Abbildungen: Over 75 colour photographs
  • Seitenangabe: 124 S.
  • Masse: H30.9 cm x B21.3 cm x D2.1 cm

A unique way of seeing and thinking and an attention to detail are what shape Chef Janice Wong's inventive desserts.

Through this book, the creative mind behind 2am:dessertbar invites you to enter her world. This is not an ordinary cookbook. It is an exploration of the mind and senses; of perceptions and emotions.


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