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  • Autor: Pic, Anne-Sophie
  • Verlag: Aurum Press Ltd
  • Erscheinungsjahr: 2015
  • Ausführung: Fester Einband
  • Abbildungen: 430 Illustrationen
  • Seitenangabe: 416 S.
  • Masse: H28.7 cm x B23.5 cm x D3.8 cm

A sumptuous collection of over 100 recipes allowing us to discover the wonders of extraordinary French cooking in the comfort of our own homes.

Author of highly acclaimed Le Livre Blanc, ANNE-SOPHIE PIC represents the most recent generation of one of France's most prestigious cooking dynasties. Inheriting the knowledge and experience of four generations of exquisite French cookery, Anne-Sophie has continued the tradition of excellence by being named World's Best Female Chef in 2012.

She is the only woman in France to hold three Michelin stars for two of her renowned restaurants. She has also started her own cookery school, Scook, with the aim of passing on her wealth of knowledge to her many students.


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