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  • Autor: Wright, Simon

  • Sprache: Englisch

  • Verlag: Penguin Random House New Zeala

  • Erscheinungsjahr: 2016

  • Ausführung: Fester Einband

  • Seitenangabe: 304 S.

  • Masse: H 30.7 cm x B 25.9 cm x D 4.1 cm

  • Gewicht: 2'631 g

A magnificent cookbook from one of New Zealand's most admired and inspiring chefs. b> he famous Auckland restaurant The French Cafe has long been the epitome of excellence,the standard to which others aspire. The service is exemplary, the atmosphere cossetted and refined yet convivial, and the food ...well, the food is nothing short of heavenly. Husband and wife team Simon (chef) and Creghan (front of house) Wright have woven magic here ever since they took the restaurant over in in 1999. They are never satisfied with resting on the laurels of their numerous awards. Rather they constantly strive for even higher standards and an even richer experience for their guests.

Be it their recent garden development or adjustments to the menu, The French Cafe exemplifies perfection. This second cookbook from Simon Wright showcases his glorious approach to food and his respect for the seasons in which ingredients are at their peak. Lavishly produced and beautifully photographed, it's the next best thing to dinner at The French Cafe!